In ‘Drop the Charges: The Continuous Struggles with Offences & Forgiveness‘ , Agnes Mensah-Bonsu warns about the dangers of holding on to pain and bitterness from the past. Not only can pain and bitterness deprive us of critical inner peace and joy, they can also cause us to lose the blessing and forgiveness that come from God. The book teaches the eternal truth that by letting go, we set ourselves free and position ourselves on the path of healing and reconciliation.

Written in a simple, clear style, Drop the Charges is designed to provide strength and support to all who are unwilling and incapable of forgiving others and breaking the shackles of the bitter past. With its precepts rooted in the Bible, this power-packed book is poised to bring healing to the brokenhearted, deliverance to the tormented, and hope to the unloved. Discover the healing power and potency of forgiveness as you read this spirit-filled book.

About the Author Agnes Mensah-Bonsu – Drop the Charges

Rev. Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu the cofounder and president of the Heart-to-Heart Women’s ministry, a ministry that motivates, empowers, and edifies women for their diverse roles in the home and society. She is an astute believer in the fulfillment of womanhood and humanity. Agnes is an apostolic mother in the body of Christ who has a deep insight into the word of God. Her teachings bring restoration, healing, and order to the church at large. She is a mentor to many pastors’ wives and touches the lives of many women.

She is a seasoned marriage counselor who has been happily married for over thirty-six years, with five children. She is a shining example and making a tremendous impact in this area. Agnes has a passion for motivating people to propel them into their destinies; she preaches with provocation power, which has caused many to change their lives to live according to divine order in holiness and righteousness. She is in high demand as a conference and seminar speaker in the UK and abroad. She touches on issues that captivates the audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Endorsements of ‘Drop The Charges’

This book by Rev. (Mrs.) Agnes Mensah-Bonsu is a vital manual for all Christians. With simplicity and clarity Pastor Agnes has written a book that will challenge everyone – from the greatest preacher to the least person on the church pew! She has shown that UNFORGIVENESS is a spirit and has also revealed the ancestral connection to the problem. Pastor Agnes has exposed the virus called BITTERNESS. She has beautifully shown what forgiveness is not, and what it really is!! With relevant stories and moving testimonies Pastor Agnes has made it easy for everyone to grasp the message, return to the paths of righteousness and re-discover God’s plan for them. This book will help prepare the Church for the coming revival and help believers make the necessary adjustment to go to heaven!!! I whole-heartedly recommend this book to the Body of Christ.

Apostle Onyechi Daniel
President, Elohim Powerhouse Ministry International, Woji, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Forgiveness; this subject is not commonly preached or taught in the pulpit today because it is a difficult thing to deal with. Anyone who is courageous and bold enough to write on this all important subject of forgiveness is truly God sent. From the highly walled castle and palaces of kings and queens from the offences of Presidents and mansions of the rich and famous to the little hut in the hamlets of villages of the poorest poor everybody needs forgiveness. We always offend and are offended.

Rev. Dr. Christy Doe Tetteh
Senior Pastor at Solid Rock Chapel International, Ghana.

I have personally sat under the teaching of Rev Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu of the subject of forgiveness and seen the tremendous results the deliverance it brought to many people. I recommend this book on every bookshelf in homes and bookstores. It is a must read. The contents are rich and real. Be blessed. As a Mentor, Spiritual Mother, Apostle, and educator of the Word of God Worldwide, I strongly recommended every pastor, leaders, men and women, boys and girls around the world to pick this wonderful book and your life will never be the same.

Rev. (Dr) Beatrice Nana Ofosuah
Author of 7 Best Selling Books
Senior Pastor at Strong Tower Ministries – Montreal – City Canada

Mama Bonsu, I commend you for listening to the divine leading of the Holy Spirit, in writing a book on the subject of forgiveness. This is a subject that God personally dealt with me on. Several years ago, my Senior sister offended me, I was so deeply hurt, that I did not speak to her for five years, all the family and her children try to beg to forgive her, I refused, because I believed that with everything I have been through because of her, she should be the last person to do what she did to me. Then one day I slept and God open my eye to see rapture; and I did not make it, and I saw several people that I know who did not make it as well. Then I ask the Lord, what was their offence, and the Lord told me, adultery, lying, backbiters, the list went on, then I said to the Lord, I did not do any of these things, why did I not make it, and the Lord said to me, UNFORGIVENESS! imagine my surprise, I said to the Lord I am not holding on to anybody, and he said, what about your sister?. When I woke up and I realized that I was dreaming, I went on my knee and ask God for forgiveness and I called up my sister and told her it is over that I have forgiven her.

Children of God, unforgiveness can cost you your eternity, please the time is now, Drop the Charges. I recommend this book for every Christian and every home, this is a treasure that can be pass on to your generation to come. I bless the name of the Lord for given us a real treasure in the person of Rev. Mrs. Bonsu, I pray that the wealth of wisdom given to you by the Lord will never run dry.


Pastor Rosalind Phillips
Grace Of God Ministries International, House Of Glory, Maryland, USA

‘Drop the Charges’ is both spiritually and mentally stimulating. In this interesting book, Rev. Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu engages her readers by placing much emphasis on the need for people to be ready and willing to forgive the offenses of others. In my candid opinion making the effort to forgive those who do us wrong is the panacea for spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and psychological malfunctioning. This literary work is destined to be a spiritual classic. Reverend Agnes Mensah-Bonsu’s commentary is powerful and practical and will leave every person who applies the principles advocated in this book with a great hope to succeed. I highly commend this book to everyone and pray that you will read it to be wise and practice it to be right.

Dr. Frederick Mmieh
Senior Pastor at Maranatha Ministries Christian Centre, Grafton Square, Clapham Common, London.

Rev. Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu’s insights are clear, simple and extremly powerful. This book titled “drop the charges” will definatly help you turn around every area of your life, as you embark on the journey of forgiveness … Yes! A must read ….

Kathie Ashong
Life Coach in Ghana