Heart To Heart Ministries was inspired by God into the heart of his hand maiden Rev. Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu on her encounter with the Lord in 1999, where God showed her in a vision of the deplorable and miserable state and condition of women of today.

As a result of this state of women. They are faced with distorted views of themselves, hurt, hatred, bitterness, abuse, discrimination against women, and also limitations of how far women can rise in our communities, nations and even in the church.

These distortions have been promoted through culture and tradition of men, negative perceptions and mindset of our Religion/ Society.

Therefore most women and men alike do not understand a woman’s nature, role, potential and unique contribution to the world.

Again, women are held back from fulfilling their potential, which has been a terrible waste of life and potential over hundreds of years. When a purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.

It is against this background that God mandated Rev. Agnes Mensah-Bonsu to set up this ministry as the hand of God to bring understanding into the true nature and purpose of women, hope, acceptance of women and to break down the misunderstanding, misinterpretation, manipulation and the mindset of the society about women, and to help women to be healed and be restored to their God designed destinies.

Heart To Heart Ministries Mission Statement

We are the hand to bring and demonstrate God’s love to broken women and people through encouragement and the power of the Word of God to repair and restore them to their God-designed destinies (Is 58:11-12).

Vision & Purpose Statement

  • This is the centre where the divorced, separated, bitter, singles, widows, drug addicts, the depressed and the oppressed, destitute can find love, acceptance, help, guidance and encouragement.
  • It is our vision to develop women to spiritual maturity through our conferences, seminars and retreats.
  • It is our vision to equip every woman member for a significant ministry by helping them to deliver their gifts and talents God gave them.
  • It is our vision of educating and counselling women on the role of the woman in successful marriages and maximising of their potential to achieve their lifetime dreams.
  • It is our vision to empower women with keys to financial management and financial intelligence.
  • To network with other women ministries to share fellowship and be partakers of the end time move of the Spirit of God to spread the Gospel. Also to share in the experience and knowledge of successful and great women of our day and to break bread together.
  • It is our vision to establish daughter ministries in other nations of the world to serve the above purposes in the future.

Action plan/ Implementing the Vision

Heart to Heart Women Ministries Seminar

This is the quarterly event that takes place three times a year.

It is a day programme where women from all denominations and different nationalities come together for a refreshing fellowship, a time of learning and encouragement into their God designed destinies.

Heart to Heart Women Ministries- Radio Ministry

It is where resource personnel will be invited to educate all women on issues affecting women in areas of marriage, health, good housekeeping, parenting, financial management etc.

Heart to Heart Women Ministries Newsletters

This is to bring light to the true nature of a woman and purpose, their role and their contribution to the development of families, nation and the churches. It is our desire that the newsletter will be out after our quarterly seminars.

Heart to Heart Women Ministries Conference.

This is a yearly programme that will take place in every October.

It is to unite women of all age group, nationalities, races and  social classes in the body of Christ and to equip them to rise up to take their places.

We will take time to have break out sessions to discuss issues that are relevant to women.

To reach out to the unsaved women and those in need in our communities.

About the Visionary

Rev. Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu is the co pastor of Christ the King Dominion Place based in Tottenham, London N17 6QD.

She is a multi-gifted motivational preacher, teacher and counsellor, addressing marriage and critical issues affecting every aspect of human, social and spiritual development.

In 1986, God divinely brought her in contact with the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa and Bishop Dr. Margaret Idahosa as spiritual mentors.

The late Archbishop Benson Idahosa and Bishop Dr. Margaret Idahosa affected her life tremendously. In 1997, she was called by God into the work of the ministry and was ordained as  a Reverend Minister of the gospel by the Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Her message centres on healing, the power of God, Holiness in the body of Christ. Leaders of churches and organisations invite her to minister and address marriage issues and social matters in their nations.

Rev Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu is also a renowned marriage counsellor who teaches in practical issues of marriage and how to have a successful marriage. Rev. Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu and her husband are the host pastors of ‘Priscilla and Aquila Workshop’ on a radio station.

Thousands of people listen to their wisdom keys on marriage issues, social matters and preaching on the radio broadcast and are tremendously blessed.

Rev Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu has travelled to the USA, Germany, Ivory Coast, Ghana.

Rev Mrs Agnes Mensah-Bonsu and her husband Rev Henry Mensah -Bonsu are leaders with a sensitive heart and ministers with a great vision

They are blessed with five children.


Heart to Heart Women Ministries

Mobile: 07854237122